Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know about a cool thing that I need your help with.
Last year I was involved in an ad campaign for Xbox called "Power Your Dreams" where Xbox linked up with a prominent university that was doing a dream study. The subjects of the dream study could be put into a semi sleep state which allows you to dream but in a way that you can answer questions about your dream as it's happening. Xbox then would record those sleep sessions and then turn them into works of art! There's been a short film, a pair of Nike shoes and for me a fully 3D Spatial Audio story. My videos of the experience are below. 
Webby Awards:
Jump to right now and this ad was submitted to The Webby Awards for possible nomination. Which my dream was officially nominated in the Social "Experimental and Innovation" category! The entry is called "Xbox Series X: Walking In Steve's Dreams" The public can vote for the winner until May 6th. As of writing this we are currently in second place so I need your help! If you click on the vote button above it will take you to the page to vote. You do have to "register" for an account but you can link your social accounts to "register" and then vote. You can only vote once so once the voting is done you can delete the account if you prefer. 
It would mean the absolute world to me to win this. Not only for the hard work the Marketing team that worked with Xbox and Xbox themselves put together. But this would be a huge personal win as I've never won an award before and winning a Webby would be absolutely amazing! If you've voted, thank you. I really appreciate it. If you haven't, I totally understand and I thank you for your time. 
You're awesome! Thank you!!!
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